Toilet Installation and Repair

Toilet Installation and Repair

We are experts repairing and installing toilets


Having a problem with your toilet or need an installation? Call Son Plumbing!

Fixing a toilet takes only a few hours and is often more affordable than replacing a toilet if you try and fix the problem yourself. 

We are available for any emergency toilet repairs. Son Plumbing is available 24 hours a day to fix many types of plumbing problems with your toilet. This includes a toilet that is overflowing and is making a mess in your bathroom.

Service from Son Plumbing is also available by appointment. If you have the water for a toilet already turned off, then we can determine if a repair is needed or if you will need to have a new toilet installed. Many times overflowing toilet are caused by a failure of the internal mechanism.

Toilets that are leaking may indicate a bad seal. This can be the result of a bad wax ring or a flange that may need to be replaced. We will need to remove the toilet and see if the wax ring or flange is the cause of the leak.

Toilets that are found to no longer function will need to be replaced. This is even more important when there is only one bathroom in a home. Replacing it quickly is important and will be done right having a trained professional do the work.

If reducing water usage in your home is important, then we recommend a low-flow toilet. These toilets are designed to be energy efficient and use much less water than conventional models. The satisfaction of the customer is a top priority. This is why we offer a guarantee that any work that we do meets your expectations.

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