Garden Hose Bibs

Garden Hose Bibs

Garden Hose Bibs

How we help with Garden Hose Bibs

Is your outdoor hose spigot leaking or cracked?

With the Canadian winters, it’s a good idea to get your outdoor faucets, also called hose spigots or hose bibs, ready for plunging temperatures. Leaking outdoor faucets can cause your pipes to freeze and crack, creating plumbing issues inside your home as well. 

Son Plumbing can install the proper valves and pipes to ensure your garden hose bibs and faucets are ready for winter and won’t freeze resulting in potentially extremely costly repairs. 

We also can install brand new garden hose bibs for you. Often the location of the outdoor faucet isn’t conducive to where you need it today. We can place your outdoor faucet where you need it, or add an additional garden hose bib. 

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