Tips to prevent pipes from bursting

Kitchen Pipe Prevention

  • Keep cabinet doors under faucets open at night to allow warm air to circulate
  • Consider investing in a pipe sleeve or heating tape to provide insulation
  • Allow water to slightly drip from the faucet to prevent freezing

Bathroom Pipe Prevention

  • Clean sink and tub drains on a regular basis to avoid hair and dirt clogging up that will prevent water from draining properly
  • Leave the sink and bath faucet with a slight trickle – dripping water will keep pipes from freezing

Basement Pipe Prevention

  • Seal basement as tightly as possible to keep cold air out
  • Avoid using antifreeze products on pipes. They are not only ineffective, but harmful to the environment and your family’s health.
  • Wrap all exposed pipes with foam insulation

If a pipe does end up freezing, it is important to locate the water valve and cut it off. Son Plumbing’s proven system for preparing homes for fierce winters has helped countless Toronto residents save on repairs and utility bills.